July 2, 2017

Great Salt Plains State Park – Jet, OK Adventurous Engagement : Lisa + Steven

Talk about dancing in the rain, endless puddles abound!

We ventured out this past June, to the Great Salt Plains State Park, with our good friends Lisa and Steven. Usually the salt plains are a massive stretch of white as far as the eye can see. Almost desert looking. This time around, it felt like we were walking on water, in the middle of the ocean. We must mention that we almost turned around when we got there, because the plains were flooded, but heck, we decided to give it a go.

And we are so, so glad that we did. (Kudos to L+S for being down with getting a little mud on their feet) Love that we got to experience a unique take on such a cool place, capturing all the feels to last a lifetime! <3

Okay, enough with the cheesy, sappy words. On to the pictures!

Lenin & Becca




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